Diagnostic Assessment

Diagnostic Mental Health Assessment

Any mental or emotional upset is urgent when it is yours. TCN offers scheduled Individual Assessments and a Mental Health Walk-in Clinic weekly at both our Xenia and Fairborn locations. You will meet privately with a counselor who will assist you in developing personal goals based upon your circumstances, needs, and preferences. Your TCN counselor will assist you in the goal setting process and give you skilled guidance in determining the most appropriate treatment plan for meeting those goals.

Walk in clinic hours can be found here by location. 

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric Services at TCN are used in combination with Mental Health Services. 

TCN's psychiatrists work in conjunction with our mental health counselors to ensure an integrated approach to recovery. Often times, common mental health conditions are most effectively treated by a combination of medication and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Individual Counseling

Patient Receiving Individual Counseling Services

Based upon the goals and plan developed at assessment, TCN counselors work to meet those individualized needs. Counseling is customized to meet client needs and build upon strengths. Our counselors will review progress regularly and tailor future sessions to your evolving needs.

Family and Couples Counseling

Family Counseling Session

You may encounter relational stressors that require your significant other or entire family to participate in the counseling process. As with Individual Counseling, the concerned parties will contribute to the goal setting and plan development to ensure that treatment is meaningful to your situation. 

Group Counseling

Group Therapy Session

Group counseling provides a unique and dynamic atmosphere to address specific issues. Building support with people who share similar concerns, giving and receiving feedback, and observing successes and challenges are just a few of the advantages of group counseling. TCN offers group therapy including Anger Management, our Recovery Program day treatment for severe mental illness, and dialectical behavior therapy group, Wise Minds