Comprehensive Case Management Services

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TCN provides individual assessment to determine a plan that meets our clients specific needs. A case manager is assigned to assist with a number of activities related to specific recovery needs: housing, financial management assistance, linkage to community resources, medication assistance, and skill building. Case management can be provided for intensive, short term need or longer term care.

Recovery Program Day Treatment

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Community Support Services works closely with this dynamic day treatment program which enables clients to reduce their need for hospitalization and increase their ability to manage symptoms of their mental illness. This program also provides a vital adjustment period to those recently released from the hospital. TCN-provided transportation is available to day treatment.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

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TCN, as a provider of all types of behavioral health treatment, recognizes that many clients have both mental illness and chemical dependency treatment needs. This highly specialized treatment option addresses the challenges of working toward recovery when dealing with multiple issues. Each person is given a highly individualized plan addressing their specific concerns about how their psychiatric condition impacts their work in recovery from substance abuse or dependence. Education and skill building focus on abstaining from substances while managing the challenges of mental illness. Clients receive additional support in this program through involvement with Community Support Services. 

Family Support and Education

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Family members may work individually with a Community Support case manager to learn the fundamentals of mental illness and how they can promote recovery.

24 Hour Hotline - (937) 376-8701

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TCN provides a 24 hour crisis hotline for clients and non-clients of our agency. In the event of a crisis situation, including feeling suicidal or homicidal, Greene County residents can call the hotline 24 hours a day, every day of the year. An experienced hotline operator will provide individualized attention and refer to the proper level of treatment.

Representative Payee Services

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Community Support Services offers financial management assistance and education to work toward the goal of building our clients' ability to make wise spending and budgeting decisions. A payee specialist develops a monthly budget with client input to ensure basic needs like food and housing are met. Our program works closely with the local Social Security Administration office to ensure maximum accountability for our clients finances.

Transitional and Supportive Housing

TCN case managers address individual housing needs with the goal of utilizing appropriate available resources while taking great care to maintain your highest level of independent living possible. TCN operates 24 mental health residential beds in three facilities throughout Greene County. Our residential staff work to teach basic living and interpersonal skills with an eye toward promoting independent living. 

Social/Recreational Drop-in Centers

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TCN links severely and persistently mentally ill client to daily recreational and social centers to keep clients actively involved with people and activities that promote recovery goals.

Vocational Rehabilitation

TCN provides a best-practice Supported Employment program to assist mentally ill clients in pursuit of meaningful job opportunities suited to our clients' strengths and abilities. Our program assesses our clients' apptitutdes and goals to assist with job placement and job support.