Positive Living Program

This dynamic educational program focuses on reducing the risk of HIV/AIDS infection for individuals and groups who may be at an increased risk for sexually transmitted infections. Healthy choices and lifestyles are highlighted as this program is regularly presented to all substance abuse treatment groups at TCN Behavioral Health Services. Individuals and groups in Greene and Clark counties are invited to utilize this invaluable prevention tool which includes free HIV testing, support group, educational classes, workshops, and individual consulting.

Free HIV Testing

In cooperation with the Greene County Combined Health District, the Positive Living Program offers free HIV testing to clients of TCN Behavioral Health Services and others in the community. Testing is completely anonymous with every precaution taken to safeguard privacy. 

Education for Social Services Professionals

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Positive Living provides superior training for social services professionals and peer educators on college campuses through the Rural HIV Collaborative's Annual Conference. For more details, please contact William Booth.

Healing Circle Support Group

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Persons living with HIV/AIDS face unique challenges. Healing Circle is a support group specifically designed to address these needs and support the individual. In addition to support, members receive beneficial information on support services in the HIV-positive community through a monthly newsletter called Around the Healing Circle, which Positive Living publishes. Healing Circle meets on the second and fourth Mondays of every month. 

Safer Sex Materials

The Positive Living Program actively promotes healthy choices and healthy lifestyles by making available to you at no cost condoms, lubrications, brochures, and educational videos

Free Individual HIV/STD Consultation

At no cost, you can speak privately and confidentially to a knowledgeable professional in his office, by phone, or through the mail. Consultations are held in the strictest of confidence and may be done anonymously. We are respectful and affirming to all people regardless of sexual orientation, faith, color, or those who may be incarcerated, in treatment, or other challenging circumstance.