Psychiatric Services

Outpatient Services

In the outpatient setting, TCN offers psychiatric evaluation and we advise our clients and their caregivers about their medication options. Our team of doctors and nurses work to ensure our clients understand the medications they are prescribed, monitor for possible side effects, and advise about healthy lifestyle choices to obtain the optimal outcome for our client. Our nurses assess client eligibility and assist with enrollment for various state and benevolent programs which can assist with the cost of medication.

Inpatient Services

TCN doctors admit to and perform rounds on the Miami Valley Psychiatric Inpatient Unit in Dayton. Providing this level of care allows our doctors to plan a coordinated discharge, often with the assistance of TCN’s Case Management team, to a quick outpatient follow-up appointment. Our doctors may recommend day treatment in our Adult Recovery Program, an ideal step-down program for clients transitioning from a psychiatric hospitalization.

Our Philosophy

  • TCN will only accept from pharmaceutical companies what benefits our clients. That means we accept samples, but you will not see clocks, pens, notepads, or free lunches in our office. We prescribe the medications our experienced psychiatrists believe to be the most beneficial to the individual client’s needs.
  • TCN will not routinely prescribe benzodiazepines to our clients. As provider of both substance abuse services and mental health treatment, we understand the dangers associated with “benzos”. Our staff will work with the client to find safer alternative treatment.
  • Long wait times when seeking treatment for mental health or addictions are a detriment to positive outcomes. We are committed to provide open access to quality assessment and quick placement into treatment services.
  • We seek to be a leader in physician-directed treatment services which allows for the highest quality treatment by TCN psychiatrists in a wide array of settings: the Miami Valley Psychiatric Inpatient Unit, outpatient Medication Assisted Treatment for addictions, youth, adult, and Partial Hospitalization day treatment.

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