What can I expect at an assessment?

Your visit will start with a prompt check-in by our front desk staff and a brief meeting with one of our financial specialists. As a new client, you will participate in an assessment session that focuses on gathering information on your specific circumstances. Providing input on your preferences, history, relationships and current needs will assist your counselor in working with you to develop goals that are meaningful to you as an individual. The assessment should last between one and a half to two hours. At the end of this initial session, you will have a Care Plan specially crafted by the counselor with your input. This Care Plan will recommend treatments with specific goals and target dates to lead you down the path to recovery.

How do I get an appointment at TCN?

TCN understands that with mental health or substance abuse issues, easy and quick access to the services is important. Accordingly, we offer convenient methods to get an appointment quickly.

All appointments for adolescent/youth at Family Solutions Center are provided on an appointment basis only. Please call 376-8700 (option 1) to schedule.

If you are seeking an Assessment, we offer Walk-In Clinics.

Please prepare for the possibility that you may be at the clinic for up to four hours as you are seen in the order of your arrival time.

For your convenience, TCN also offers scheduled appointments throughout each week. Please call us at 937-376-8700 for more information. 

Can I complete my paperwork to streamline time in registration?

Yes. You may print and complete the registration form. Please provide the completed form to the receptionist at the time of your appointment or fax to our Intake Department, (937) 376-8793.

What are TCN’s hours of operation?

TCN has offices situated for easy access for Greene and surrounding county residents. A listing of our office and Walk-in clinic hours can be found here.

Will my insurance pay for services at TCN?

In most cases, yes. TCN currently has counselors participating in 56 different insurance panels. At your initial appointment, TCN will contact your insurance company to obtain a pre-authorization for services recommended by your counselor. We will communicate with you throughout the process to ensure you understand your insurance benefits. In some cases, TCN will also be able to use the subsidy available to Greene County clients to cover the services your insurance does not.

If you have private insurance, call TCN at 937-376-8700 to speak with one of our support representatives. They will make their best effort to match you with a clinical counselor who is on your insurance panel.

I don’t have insurance. Can I afford treatment?

At your initial appointment, a TCN financial support representative will assist you to develop a clear understanding of how your services will be paid. TCN accepts all major insurers, Medicare, and Medicaid. If you are uninsured and a resident of Greene County, TCN offers a subsidy to assist you in paying for your services. You will be asked to complete a financial survey which will help us determine – based on income and family size – the amount of co-pay you will be responsible for. Please be prepared to make a payment of at least $20.00 for your first session.

Will my care at TCN be kept confidential?

Yes. Beyond our adherence to the many State of Ohio and Federal HIPAA regulations, TCN values confidentiality and client care above all. Each TCN staff member, from our receptionist to the CEO, is trained on an annual basis about the principles of confidentiality. We will not release any information about your care without your consent. Click here to see a full listing of our Notice of Privacy Practices.

Do you provide telephone accessibility for hearing impaired?

Yes. The Ohio Relay Service (ORS) provides full telephone accessibility to people who are deaf, deaf-blind, hard-of-hearing or speech-disabled. ORS is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with no restrictions on the number of calls placed or on their length.

How to Place an ORS Call: 

Dial (800) 750-0750.
Please have the telephone number that you wish to call ready in advance.
If you would like to use a Communications Assistant (CA) of the same gender, make that request when the CA answers your call.
Then give the phone number you are calling to the CA.
Voice users should speak clearly and at a moderate speed.
Direct your conversation to the party you are calling as if the CA were not present.

Please note: The CA is required to relay everything that you type or speak and will also relay all background noises. For example, a dog barking or people speaking in the background will be relayed.)